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11/13/18 Permits, licenses, complaints, or other records for 126 Elm Street, Greenfield, MA.  Building Inspections Mark Snow
11/02/18 Copy of record card and personal property card for 114 Adams Road Assessors Department Kimberly MacDonald
10/31/18 Permits, licenses, complaints, or other records for  for 55-57 Pierce Street, Greenfield, MA Building Inspections Mark Snow
10/31/18 Junk dealer licensing file/information for WTE Corporation, 75 Southern Ave, Greenfield, MA, or a... Licensing Lori Krikorian
10/30/18 A list of registered voters in Precinct 9 of Greenfield MA, showing names and street addresses, p... Town Clerk's Office Kathy Scott
10/22/18 Good afternoon Can I please get the property card for 30 Main Street. Thank you. Assessors Department Kimberly MacDonald
10/22/18 Total amount due for taxes owed for Charles Olchoswski's property at 28 Smith St Treasurer/Collector’s Office Kelly Varner
10/15/18 Last two years of water usage for 375 Leyden Road, as well as there GPD for the last two years Department of Public Works Alan Twarog
10/12/18 Record card for 14 Minor Street  Assessors Department Kimberly MacDonald
10/05/18 I hearby request ti receive a copy of any EMS/Fire Department responses to 46 Heather Court or 4 ... Fire Department Robert Strahan
10/02/18   I am requesting a copy please of the fire report (FP33C) if this us available can you please e... Fire Department Robert Strahan
10/03/18 I am writing from the Yes on 3 campaign to request an electronic file, via email, of all early vo... Town Clerk's Office Kathy Scott
09/28/18 Hi, I,m Venkat Venepalli from RC Cubed Inc, we are trying to fill a site plan approval for insta... Town Clerk's Office Kathy Scott
09/25/18 List of Town owned properties  Assessors Department Kimberly MacDonald
09/25/18 I would like a 300 ft abutters list for 234 High Street. Please print I will pick up Assessors Department Kimberly MacDonald
09/21/18 Records Request for Quality Inn 125 Mohawk Trail 1. Any and all documents related to electrical ... Building Inspections Mark Snow
09/21/18 Town Clerk of Greenfield:  I would like to request a certified copy of marriage certificate of Wa... Town Clerk's Office Kathy Scott
09/20/18 Voter Activity Status Report for State Primary on 09/04/2018 for Precincts 1,2,3,4,5,6,and 9 Town Clerk's Office Kathy Scott
09/19/18 Hello, I just spoke on the phone. I need a property records card for 76 A Laurel Street. Please s... Assessors Department Kimberly MacDonald
09/17/18 I am requesting a hard copy of the following: draft lease for the public safety complex stree... Town Clerk's Office Kathy Scott
09/17/18 Copy of record cards for land where the Town wants to put up the safety complex  Assessors Department Kimberly MacDonald
09/15/18 I am requesting a certified copy of my divorce from Christopher V. Powers in approximately 1983. ... Town Clerk's Office Kathy Scott
09/14/18 I am building a 3 season room addition and need an abutters list for 300 feet. My property is 765... Assessors Department Kimberly MacDonald
09/12/18 2018 voter activity status report for primary election held on 09/04/2018, precincts 7 and 8 Town Clerk's Office Kathy Scott
09/11/18 A Certified list of abutters 300 feet from 113 norwood st., greenfield - in email - needs list by... Assessors Department Kimberly MacDonald
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